Best Kubernetes alternatives for DevOps Engineers

By | May 13, 2020

BKubernetes is an open-source platform used for scaling, automating app deployment, and management across a group of hosts. In recent years, this platform has become an industry standard for distributing containers. Here are some of the best Kubernetes alternatives for DevOps Engineers,

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a computer engine that uses Amazon Elastic Container Service to operate containers without the clusters of Amazon EC2 instances or manage servers. AWS Fargate eliminates the requirement of server types and it determines the scaling of clusters or optimizing the cluster packing. It permits us to concentrate more on building and designing applications rather than maintaining the cloud infrastructure. Join DevOps Training in Chennai and learn DevOps concepts professionally under the guidance of industry experts.


Docker is essentially used for running and developing applications. With the benefit of Docker’s methodologies for testing, shipping, and deploying code fastly, one can significantly decrease the delay between running and writing code. It also enables you to disparate your applications to provide fast software delivery. Docker gives the ability to run an application in an isolated surrounding called a container. 


An IronWorker is the best Kubernetes alternative for handling your container oriented workloads. It enables app developers to asynchronously process workloads without scaling infrastructure. It is an enterprise-grade job processing system dependent on Docker. This basically runs on private clouds, public clouds, and on-premise. The processes can be done in any programming language, as all the code is processed in docker containers. Take up the best DevOps Training to become an expert in DevOps technology.

Apache Mesos

It is an open-source cluster manager that offers powerful resource isolation and sharing across distributed frameworks or applications. Mesos operates on every machine and offers applications like Jenkins, Hadoop, Aurora, Spark, and other frameworks.


It is an open-source platform that uses a purpose-built infrastructure to run the production-based containers. It is implemented to compute raw resources from any private or public cloud. Some of the significant features of Rancher are persistent storage services, cross-host networking, multi-tenancy, container load balancing, multi-orchestration engines, user management, resource management, and much more. 


This cloud framework helps to build applications and services for automating the complete life cycle. It also  includes deployment in a data center environment or manually or automatically resolving any issues , monitoring all aspects of a deployed application, finding failures and issues,, and performing currently running maintenance tasks.

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