IOS Features

By | June 10, 2017

IOS is a famous mobile operating system that was built and developed by Apple Inc, especially for its hardware system.

IOS is the famous operating system that controls most of the company’s mobile devices which include iPod, iPad, and iPhone. After Android, it is considered as the most popular devices around the world.

Originally IOS was brought to light in 2007 for the device – iPhone, and recently it has been extended to help other Apple devices like the iPod Touch (September 2007), iPad (January 2010). In the recent research, it has been found that Apple’s App Store contained more than 2.5 million IOS applications worldwide, these types of mobile apps have been collectively downloaded more than 150 billion times. Now let’s discuss features in IOS application. Get to know how to work with IOS through IOS Training in Chennai. Industry specialist offer training to the students with real-time examples.

  1. Siri gets smarter than before.

Apple has improved Siri’s voice in its recent update in order to make it sound better than before. Siri’s has become smarter than before because it is programmed in a way to translate directly from English to French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese language.

Siri is developed with the new concept of “on-device learning” which means Siri learns you according to your usage in Safari, News, message, mail, calendar, and calendar.

It is also created in a way to protect your privacy. Apple won’t look into your privacy.

  1. Apple map is finally catching up with GOOGLE.

In a recent update, Apple has been trying to catch up with Google. In the sense, Apple map has been improved in its functionality

  1. It will save you from accidents.

Now Apple has improved for the user’s driving purpose. Now you need not worry looking at your mobile phone while driving because Apple has designed map in the way that if the user drives, the one who calls or messages will get an auto reply that the user is driving and thus it avoids accidents. It will track your location via internet and Bluetooth.

Not only this, now Apple has come up with many interesting hiding features. IOS course in Chennai might be helpful to learn all those concepts in a short period of time.

Edit screenshots

Now Apple ios11 lets you edit your screenshots. You won’t be able to edit your screenshot lately but now you can edit your screenshots like a normal photo.

And also you can add markers to your photos or screenshots and you can add effects to your screenshots too.

Improved mail app

You can add Gmail notifications automatically via mail application and it will save your time.

Privacy in social media

Three will be no third party application login for the security purpose.

Use will never be able to access any social networking site into any other applications.

Support GIF images

Now Apple has added GIF support into the photo application first GIFs have shared via Reddit and now it is been viewed in photos too.

IOS has now become a user-friendly mobile application with multiple added features that can be benefitted by the users.

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