South Indian Soft Silk Sarees

By | November 4, 2016

South India is home for many amazing textiles and artifact of India. From states

like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have appear some of the

most alluring designs, motifs and patterns the world has ever seen. The weaving

and handloom culture here extends back many centuries. Many of the traditional

techniques have been passed down from one bearing to the next. They have

developed and been classy over the years, but retain the classic beauty and

complexity which makes Soft silk sarees so unique.

The best way to explore the celebrity of the south Indian handloom culture is to

look at the contrast types of south Indian sarees. This is indeed a very broad class

of fashion as every state and region has its own particular style of saree. The

draping as well as the textiles used and the designs displayed differ widely, based

on where you are.

Undoubtedly the most deluxe of all are the south Indian Soft Silk Sarees. Silk from

this region is acutely famous. Mysore is one of the biggest brokers of woven as

well as raw silks in the world. From this thriving center of textile productions,

fabrics are sent to all corners of India. The traditional south Indian soft silk sarees

use only the finest silk threads to when weaving. The most popular variety is the

Kanjivaram saree, a type of woven brocade saree that is made by combining three

fine silk threads with a single golden thread in every yarn. It is typically decorated

with gold thread designs that are woven into the fabric itself. The end result is a

garment that is heavy and rich, yet completely soft and elegant in its looks. It has

a distinctively luxurious shimmer and a smooth texture. One of the most

expensive and exclusive saree in the world, it has been worn by fashion divas on

ramps and red carpets. It is also one of the most desired south Indian bridal

sarees. It is thought to be an auspicious choice for a Tamil bride.

Besides the Kanjivaram sarees, there are also many other beautiful south Indian

silk sarees online in such as the colorful Mysore array and the fine, light-weight

Uppada pattu sarees. They are all woven and designed using certain special

techniques which set them apart.

There are also many beautiful south cotton sarees but one stands out above all

the rest. The beautiful Kerala Kasavu sarees are specially woven on handlooms

with cotton. They have a unique, atmospheric beauty as the pure white cotton

fabric is off-set with large, dazzling golden borders. This saree is paired with a

golden blouse which further adds to the beauty of the altogether. This is a staple

bridal and wedding sarees in Kerala, even though it is white, which is not a very

popular bridal color in other Indian communities. Comfortable and pretty, this is a

beautiful ceremonial costume that has today become popular even in other parts

of India.

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