The Term “Reiki Massage” Somewhat Misleading

By | September 13, 2016

Reiki treatments are sometimes referred to as Reiki massage, although the original healing touch described by many was simply a light touch. In order for the technique to be effective, a special Reiki massage table is not necessary. Reiki can be performed anytime, anywhere. All that is required is concentration of the intent.reiki-art-of-healing

In the United States, different state laws govern the practice of Reiki Chennai. In order to obtain a license or adhere to certain state codes, it is necessary for some therapists to refer to themselves as Reiki Massage Therapists. The therapists are considered practitioners of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Reiki Classes in Chennai gives you training for Reiki therapists or masters varies greatly. The National Midpoint for Balancing and Alternative Medicine advises that patients should not substitute Reiki massage for conventional medical care, but the Center is funding research concerning the benefit of Reiki therapy in a number of diseases. In addition, Reiki therapy can be added to any treatment plan as a complementary therapy.

There are no negative side effects of Reiki massage, though certain patients might feel slightly nauseas afterwards. This is simply a response to toxins leaving the body.

Healing with the hands or healing touch therapy has been practiced since the beginning of time. Many of us originally believed that only certain “gifted” people were able to perform this type of healing and while it is true that some may have more of an aptitude for the art than others, anyone can learn.

A full body massage is not required, though some therapists may say otherwise. Some therapists may prefer a specific kind of Reiki massage table, just as some prefer to use crystals, while others use water. Symbols and specific hand positions are sometimes used, but not always.

Some healers practice intuitive Reiki, locating the source of pain or illness without being told. This has been described as a type of scan.

Early masters said that they felt pain in their hands when they found the source of the patient’s illness. Some describe a tingling sensation. Others prefer to keep their methods secret, unless one is being treated or paying for courses.

The effectiveness of Reiki massage is met with some skepticism by many people. Those who are skeptical and cannot accept the existence of Reiki energy may not be healed, although distance healing can be performed without the patient’s knowledge or approval and is sometimes effective.

Fees for Reiki massage vary greatly, just as fees for other medical services vary. But, as I mentioned earlier, anyone can learn to use Reiki energy, without expensive courses or years of study.

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