Tips to keep your home cool during Summer

By | September 14, 2020

The summer season is when most parts of the country face hot winds  as a result it shoots up our electricity bill. It is important to know the hacks to keep your house cool during summer without burdening your utility bill. Here are some tips which will help you to stay cozy and cool even during summer like  ECR Sea View Apartments without increasing the bills.

Use Nature to your advantage:

Best trick to reduce the humidity that arises due to the direct sunlight, is to use cold water with peppermint essential oil in a diffuser to cool the air and your mental peace. You can also reduce the electricity bill with the help of natural heat to dry your clothes rather than using machines. By maintaining a mini garden indoor we can reduce heat to some extent. When you are a home decor enthusiast, it is very important to follow these hacks to enhance the decor with logical reasons.

Solar panels to use free source energy:

Have you ever thought about using natural sources for our comfort? It is not only energy efficient but we can highly minimize the electricity bill during most of the hours of the day. Solar panels can be easily installed on the roofs and it operates by absorbing solar energy and then converts it into electrical energy. It is a little expensive to install solar panels but once it’s done we can save a lot more towards electricity bills.

Service your Air Conditioner

It is very important to have a periodical check on the air conditioners. Sometimes when the air conditioners are not clean the air filters are dusty, it results in lesser cooling temperature. Hence we will burden the machines to keep temperature to our will. So, by maintaining the air conditioners, we save the lifespan of the machine as well as the energy it consumes.

Use blackout curtains

Most of the heat comes from the outdoors so to make your indoors cool block the sunlight by using black out screens along with the usual linen screens. Most of the hotels use the same trick to uplift the decor and block the sunlight to save as much amount of energy as possible.

You may feel easy and may get these things done naturally if you are one in near ECR.  Buying the best flat , especially the ECR Apartments For Sale in Chennai can bring you the natural comforts inside your home.