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How The Changes Made in UKVI Affects The UK students?

How The Changes Made in UKVI Affects The UK students?

The United Kingdom government has announced significant changes to Secure English Language Tests for visa purposes. IELTS and the new examination IELTS Life Skills has been approved for UK visas requiring proof of English language proficiency. Tier 4 student visa rules in the United Kingdom remain unchanged. This blog explains, How The Changes in UKVI Affect The UK students? To learn in detail, get into IELTS Coaching in Tambaram.


The UK Government reported major changes to language assessment for visa applications, including a reduction in the number of tests accepted and new requirements for how the tests will be administered.

IELTS, the English test for university education and worldwide migration, has been authorized for all UK visas that need to identify to provide proof of their English proficiency.

The trainers provide excellent guidance to the students. This builds on the long-standing consequence of IELTS in language examination for immigration in the United Kingdom and other countries such as Australia, New Zealand. 

There are new provisions, the IELTS tests for UKVI immigration crisis will be offered all year in more than 70 locations around popular the world, and the test IELTS Life Skills will be initiated for citizens who have to prove their speaking ability at level A1 of the  CEFR. EnglishLabs provides IELTS Coaching in T Nagar to the students with different modules of sessions.

IELTS for visa applications can only be taken at approved centers, and the centers must adhere to the UK administrations. When booking a test, the customer must specify the purpose of the test and guarantee that the center is empowered to run tests for that intent.

The IELTS for UKVI, includes the British Council, IDP. The Cambridge English Language Assessment manages IELTS tests for UK Visas and Immigration.  IELTS results are accepted by all British universities and colleges.  This means that unless their institution has specific requirements, students can apply with an IELTS result from any of the IELTS test areas worldwide.

What is Collocation? and How is it used in the IELTS Exam By students?

What is Collocation? And How is it used in the IELTS Exam By students?The IELTS exam, collocation is highly recommended. It is the form of vocabulary needed in the IELTS exam. These collocations help in providing good scores in the exam. Learn What is Collocation? in detail at IELTS Coaching in Chennai.

 Why are collocations important? 

What is the meaning of collocation? Collocations are nothing but similar to words that are in use by the native speaker. When people go shopping, using money will sound strange. Rather than that, try to spend money. 

Vocabulary plays an important role in the IELTS test. Collocation is important for writing sections and also speaking sections. This helps to get a good band score.

 A maximum number of vocabulary should be used for flexibility and precision. With help of collocation, common lexical items can be used. Collocations used in speaking tests help in speaking, which helps to get good scores in speaking tests. 

How to learn collocations? Collocations are learned through reading, listening, and making sentences. It is a kind of chunk of language that has various patterns. Try to write it by yourself by making the sentences. 

Patterns of Collocations 





Let us see some of the collocation examples 

Verb Noun Collocations

The boy raised the question about a particular topic in the class.

I made an appointment to see the President. 

Nancy made an effort to improve her speaking skill.

 Noun Noun Collocations 

You need a building permit to build the house. She got a round of applause for her performance. I bought a loaf of cake. 

Adjective Noun Collocations 

There is a strong possibility for the climate to get warmer for the next decade. She suggested going to the hotel. It was a fantastic idea. 

Verb Adverb Collocations 

He is very gentle and speaks softly. She smiled proudly when she got her IELTS exam result. 

Collocation with Have 

Have a bath Have a nice day 

Have a laugh 

Start your preparation for the IELTS exam by getting into IELTS Coaching in Chennai Anna Nagar. Learn about collocation and develop language skills.

Useful Tips For Mastering The Fluency in English in Good Method

Useful Tips For Mastering The Fluency in English in Good Method

Everyone wants to learn English very quickly, and no one wants to learn the language very slowly. In this article, you can go through the powerful tips to improve English fluency and learn the useful tips for mastering English.

Create a Strategy To Learn

To create a strategy, one should make a schedule.

1.Time to spend learning English.

2.What to do.

The road to improving English Fluency will be good when we start to follow the tips.

Learn Daily

Why should we learn English Daily?

The main reason is to learn the language very fast. Have a habit of doing something in English. Reputation is very powerful in learning the English language though it helps to improve fluency.

To improve English fluency, you can join Spoken English Classes in Chennai. The trainers access limitless resources to students with different learning techniques. Have the habit of learning the language regularly so that it helps to expose yourself.

Have an English Environment

Surround yourself with English Environment. Listen, Read, Speak and Write in English because it is the best way that works. Doing day-to-day activities with English helps to learn the language faster.

Another best way is to start watching movies with English subtitles. It may be a cartoon, fun show, or song in English. Here the interest matters. If you don’t enjoy watching all these, it won’t work out.

Make A Powerful Learning Method

The powerful method to learn is Practise, Practise, Practise!

Focus on improving something precisely by pursuing a strategy that is specific to you. Go through the newspapers, read a book, try to learn vocabulary, phrases, and sentences. There is a lot to learn, these are one of the steps to improve fluency in English. The other way to improve fluency is by taking Spoken English Classes in Anna Nagar


Don’t Make A Delay

Don’t try to postpone the learning process. Start making it today. Try to follow these methods to improve English fluency and vocabulary.

1.Try to have the habit of listening to a sentence.

2.Repeat the sentence and have a record of yourself.

3.Compare the original sentence with your version.

4.Try to correct the changes and make a practice of it.


It’s time to conclude about the powerful tips to improve fluency. Be sure to bookmark this page, and come back to this page when you need to learn English fluently.