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By | October 14, 2016

I and my Twin Sister are planning to take GRE Preparation Online as we are planning to take GRE next year. One of our Cousins suggests us to take the GRE Preparation since Graduation as it will be much easier to grasp the Portions concurrently with our Graduation.

During our Final year of have chosen GREedge as our choice to go for GRE Preparation. We have chosen to take Complete GRE Course. We prefer this program as it helps to get better at all the GRE Principles with Complete GRE Review package in 180 days.

GREedge, known for GRE Online Coaching provide you Personalized Study Plan which helps you to give attention to your Weak areas, additionally they provide you complete GRE Study Guide for your GRE Preparation.

You will have trainers to solve your Doubts and give you Feedback and assist you to score Good grades. Your Personal Trainers will guide you to put you on the Right Track completely in 180 days.

GREedge provides you Book materials and Practice Tests to make you knowledgeable about the Test Environment. Taking GRE Practice Test helps you to increase your Accuracy in answering the Questions.

 Find the Beneficial GRE FAQs:

What are some of the good universities outside USA?

You have a wide range of universities that you can consider. In the first place, apart from the U.S, you can look into countries like Canada, Germany, Singapore, Australia among the several others. And the best part about considering universities from these country is the that the application process is similar. Also, most of the universities from these countries accept GRE scores. So, if you want to get an admit from a top university from across the world, you need to write your GRE. So, take up GRE prep courses online and prepare yourself for the GRE. Once you are done with your GRE, you can get started with your application process. You can start to zero in on universities. You can consider universities like McGill, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary in Canada. Apart from Canadian universities, you can have a look into universities in Germany. Some of the prominent universities in Germany include RWTH, University of Bonn among the others. So, there are several universities that you can consider apart from the U.S and you can definitely never run out of options.

Only high score in GRE is sufficient to get admission in these good universities or anything more required?

A high GRE score will certainly set you apart from the rest of the applicant’s, help you get into the pool of eligible candidates. However, it does not guarantee an admit. You should pay equal attention to your documentation as well. Your SoP should be a strong manifestation of your goals and aspirations. Apart from that, your letters of recommendations from people who have worked closely with you or professors you have done research under. That would validate the information you provide in your SoP. Therefore, you will need to put in equal amount of effort into both GRE and your documentation and the rest.

 How much time we need for comfortable preparation?

The time needed for GRE preparation depends on a lot of factors.

1) Your Target GRE score – People who target high in GRE usually start early and give as much time as possible. Ideally, this is about 4-6 months.

2) Time available – If you are planning on applying for Fall 2017, its better to take your GRE max by December.

3) Your learning ability – GRE tests your verbal, quantitative and analytical writing ability.

The syllabus for GRE verbal is vast including 3500 GRE words to be applied on Text completion, Sentence Equivalence, and Reading comprehension. Similarly, GRE quant syllabus includes Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, & Data analysis.

GRE preparation is time-consuming and requires 1-2 hours each day for about 3-4 months. There are a lot of students who have seen more success with online GRE preparation for GRE since GRE is an online computer adaptive tests and preparing online gives you an edge.

I have a problem in verbal. how to prepare for verbal?

Verbal reasoning is one of three main sections of GRE. Verbal reasoning questions consists of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Equivalence and Text completion. Begin your verbal reasoning practice, by intensifying your vocab building in the initial phase of your GRE preparation. Once you have mastered around 500 hundred words, begin you SE and TC practice. This will also supplement your RC practice. But that is not all. You will have to expose yourself to some journals, periodicals and external reading material to be practice RC in a holistic manner. When this is done in an orderly manner, you should be in good shape for GRE Verbal.

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