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Taking GRE is the dream for many Aspirants as exams like GRE is required to study abroad. Students who are willing to do Master or MBA, prefers GRE. To prepare for GRE, One needs 120 days of Dedicated GRE Test Preparation.
Tips for the better GRE Preparation:

Go through the Syllabus for GRE

Make a Preparation Schedule

Start your Preparation – Don’t skip the Topics

Be confident in Basics like Formula, Vocabulary and Grammar

Spend at least 4 to 5 hrs in a day.

Take Practice test once in a week.

Take Mock Test monthly once- This helps you to get rid of Exam fear

You can take GRE Preparation by yourself or through coaching centers. GRE Coaching centers offer you Face to face training as well as GRE Online Preparation. You can take your Preparation according to your Convenience.

Find the Useful Frequently asked Questions about GRE and make use of it.

What is SOP?

Statement of Purpose, commonly called as SOP is a document written by the applicant.

Statement of Purpose is generally required by almost all universities. The main motive behind writing a Statement of Purpose is to give you an edge over the other candidates.

You must highlight all your academic proficiencies along with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Further, you can also include all your research experience. The most prominent information that universities look for in a SOP include:

  1. Why would you want to study at the particular university?
  2. What your strengths and weaknesses are

So, SOPs are as good as an interview. Make it a point to draft a compelling SOP.

Can I get into spring 2017 With scholarship In good university?

Yes, definitely!

Getting an admit for Spring 17 depends completely on when you are giving GRE exam. Time of giving GRE exams matters because once you get your score then only you can apply for the Universities abroad and universities start their short listing process well in advance somewhat say, around 8 to 10 months before the session starts.

Scholarships depend upon various factors like your GRE score, profile, SOP and LOR. Most importantly, it depends upon the course you are targeting to pursue and whether you have everything in-line with that, and then it becomes quite easy to get scholarships.

Getting admit from good university again depends upon your GRE score, profile, SOP and LOR. What you want to pursue in that university matters and whether all of that makes relation with your past experiences and profile you have.

 How many hours do i need to study per day for a month ?

The number of hours you need to put in to study everyday for a month is entirely dependent on your strengths and problem areas during GRE preparation. Generally speaking, most students spend close to 2-3 hours every day or spend a large chunk of time in the weekends. If you are a working professional, it will be difficult for you to spend 2-3 hours every day on a regular basis. Ensure that you prioritize your study based on your requirement.

If you are able to spend time only during the weekends then, use the day time to study new concepts and the evenings to revise what you have learnt. You can learn 1500 words in one month if you target to learn 50 words every day.

For Quant, make sure you spend time understanding the logic and not just formulas. Leave enough time for yourself to go back and check the method of solving question even if you get the answers right. This will help strengthen concepts and you will be able to solve similar questions of same/higher difficulty

I can’t understand the choices given what to choose?

Don’t look to understand all the answer choices. In most cases, answers are given in pairs. These pairs are generally called as distracters. These choices are given to throw you off the track.

Instead, try the option of elimination. Once you know the trick of eliminating the incorrect choices, you will have some clarity to approach the remaining answer choices. Further, you can try to re-read the question and get some input. Reading the question again might help you in drawing more clues. So, understand that importance of reading the question one/twice.

Further, try to read the answer choices too. This may give you some additional input. Therefore, re-reading questions and re-reading the answer choices will give you clues. Work on these and it will indeed help you.

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