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Public and private sector banks are hiring at a significant rate to meet up to the necessity of arising Bank vacancies and this is predictable to continue for few informative years. Numerous Bank jobs in India are expected to arrive in next Years.

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Every candidate taking up the Bank exams for the first time is Lot more anxious about Negative marks. These are awarded for every wrong answers marked on the sheet. A knowledgeable candidate that has already taken a few exams knows how to attempt with this issue as he may have previously faced up with a penalty of blindly ticking answers and getting punished with marks.

Those taking the Bank exams for the first time needs to take care of a few things to avoid excessive negative marks and perform efficiently enough to get through the Exam. These points are as described below by the Bank Exam Coaching Centres in Chennai

  • Do not guess until you are sure and don’t Tick answers blindly. That would nullify your chances of getting good marks.
  • Practice is the key to success. For it’s through efficient practicing that you will be able to handle the most important resource efficiently, that is time. Through firm practicing, the candidate becomes able to figure out the shortcut methods that save him both the space and time that matters a lot.
  • Prepare short notes and summarize the Formulas to permit you to memorize those methods, tricks and formulas as a last minute revision.
  • Don’t get jammed on a particular question in any segment. For the time is very short and significant. For example, in a PO exam, we have 225 questions to be solved in 135 minutes that accounts for 36 seconds per question. And getting stuck anywhere would shrink your chances exponentially. So move on to the next question as rapidly as possible.
  • Cross the threshold First. For each section with a standard 40% questions are the passing criteria and it should be crossed at every cost. If in any section someone has attempted all questions properly and the other section falls short of passing marks then all attempt goes waste. That is time managing and every section should be given prearranged amount of time and not any more.
  • Keep your answers precise and don’t overwrite or erase frequently.
  • The above points must be kept in mind while attempting any bank exam paper. This prepared and organized effort with a firm practice of needed concepts must ultimately lead to Success.

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