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What is Collocation? And How is it used in the IELTS Exam By students?The IELTS exam, collocation is highly recommended. It is the form of vocabulary needed in the IELTS exam. These collocations help in providing good scores in the exam. Learn What is Collocation? in detail at IELTS Coaching in Chennai.

 Why are collocations important? 

What is the meaning of collocation? Collocations are nothing but similar to words that are in use by the native speaker. When people go shopping, using money will sound strange. Rather than that, try to spend money. 

Vocabulary plays an important role in the IELTS test. Collocation is important for writing sections and also speaking sections. This helps to get a good band score.

 A maximum number of vocabulary should be used for flexibility and precision. With help of collocation, common lexical items can be used. Collocations used in speaking tests help in speaking, which helps to get good scores in speaking tests. 

How to learn collocations? Collocations are learned through reading, listening, and making sentences. It is a kind of chunk of language that has various patterns. Try to write it by yourself by making the sentences. 

Patterns of Collocations 





Let us see some of the collocation examples 

Verb Noun Collocations

The boy raised the question about a particular topic in the class.

I made an appointment to see the President. 

Nancy made an effort to improve her speaking skill.

 Noun Noun Collocations 

You need a building permit to build the house. She got a round of applause for her performance. I bought a loaf of cake. 

Adjective Noun Collocations 

There is a strong possibility for the climate to get warmer for the next decade. She suggested going to the hotel. It was a fantastic idea. 

Verb Adverb Collocations 

He is very gentle and speaks softly. She smiled proudly when she got her IELTS exam result. 

Collocation with Have 

Have a bath Have a nice day 

Have a laugh 

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