By | August 6, 2020

Thai massage is also called as Thai yoga massage which is a bodywork and an energy practice that originated in Thailand and considered as traditional Thai medicine. It is influenced by Buddhist, Indian, and Chinese traditional practices. Energy work, acupressure and yoga traditions are the main aspects incorporated by Thai massage. The practice of Thai massage begins in the 1980’s and it became popular in the west when western tourism to Thailand increased. This Thai Massage in Chennai has more styles in which some people use distinction between northern style Thai massage which is gentler and slower and southern style Thai massage which is more intense and faster. This distinction is not generally recognized in Thailand.


There are many benefits in Thai massage. The effect of this massage helps the body to rebalance its energy and other benefits of this massage may include improved circulation, improved body alignment, improved flexibility, and deeper breathing. This massage has potential to help the patients with asthma, heart disease, angina, bronchitis, nausea, eye problems, throat problems, hysteria, manic depression, diseases of the urogenital system, various mental disorders, appendicitis, deafness, frequent urination, impotence, irregular menstruation, facial paralysis, uterine bleeding, hypothermia, and diarrhoea.

This Thai massage is carried out with the client fully clothed in loose and comfortable clothing which allows for stretching. No essential oils or lotions are used and this massage is done on a mat on the floor. Blankets and other covers may also be used to keep the client warm during the massage. A session of the Thai massage may last 1-2 hours of duration and intuition, spiritual focus and mindfulness are considered to be part of the work done during the massage by a Thai massage practitioner. Acupressure on the sen lines will spend more time doing stretches. Herbal plants play a vital role in these Thai massage parts in which sometimes herbal balls are part of this treatment where Thai herbs are placed on various parts of the body to relax and are used to apply pressure to the client. A therapist should know the quality of touch and to work with the client’s comfort level and respect the client’s spoken and unspoken boundaries. Thai massage focuses a lot of attention on the feet and legs and should always begin at the feet and move up the body which is also strong. The method of massage SPA in Chennai works with a gentle rocking motion.

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