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The Latest Features of Angular 13

Angular released the brand-new Angular 13 on November 3 2021. With regard to the previous versions that we have seen, it’s among the most simple and scheduled upgrades for an widely popular web framework that is based on TypeScript.

The release brings a number of crucial updates that could be beneficial for Angular development. If you’re looking for a complete overview of the features that are exclusive to Angular 13, let’s have a look at this angular latest version features and more information!

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Angular 13 Features

There’s a lot to learn about the latest release of Angular. So, let’s take a close review of Angular 13 with all its new features as well as core improvements.

Support for TypeScript 4.4

Angular v13 is now compatible with TypeScript 4.4. This means we now can benefit from a myriad of features of the language. Furthermore, they discontinued support for TypeScript 4.2 or 4.3 too. One of the major changes in TypeScript 4.4 which is beneficial to Angular applications is that it doesn’t implement setters and getters in order to create the same type.

Improvements to tests using Angular

The Angular team has made notable improvements to Test Bed which currently works to degrade the test environment and module after each test. Because the DOM has been cleaned up after tests, developers are able to expect more optimized and less interdependent tests. They will also be faster, and memory-efficient tests.

100 Ivy, 99% and No support for the View Engine

Angular 13 is not compatible with View Engine. View Engine. The new version is 100 100% Ivy. There is no View Engine-specific metadata nor other output formats that were previously used, this removes the complexity of the codebase and maintenance cost in Angular 13.

The framework has changed every internal program to Ivy ahead of time so that this transition can be carried out seamlessly. Ivy makes every component in a single that speeds up the development process.

There is no longer a requirement to use the ngcc (Angular Compatibility compiler) for libraries developed with the latest APF version. The team developing the library can expect faster compilation since there is no requirement for summary and metadata files.

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Ergonomic APIs

The release of Angular 13 has reduced the time to load by using ergonomic code-splitting APIs as well as fine-grained code disruption on a component level. The latest version of ESBuild has also brought about an improvement in performance.

ESBuild is a fast JavaScript bundler. It now works with terser in order to optimize global scripts. It is able to support CSS source maps which permit optimization of global CSS as well. Furthermore, it supports other frameworks, such as JS bundler also supports other framework languages such as Vue, Svelte, and Elm.

Accessibility Update for the Angular Material

The latest version of Angular includes an Accessibility (A11y) improvement to Angular Material. The team has evaluated and verified every one of the MDCs (Material Design Components) for accessibility improvements. For example radio buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons are now larger in size for touch as well as other components with more contrast options.

Inline support for Adobe Fonts

The launch of Angular 13 also highlights inline support for Adobe fonts. The fonts are able to enhance the functionality of an application by speeding up its FCP (First Contentful Paint). The change is now accessible to all users via default. All you have to do is the update.


The Angular team strives to announce a new version each six-month period. If you’ve been informed about the major changes and features that are included in the angular 13 features, you must test it out. If you’re still using Angular v12, it’s time to upgrade to version 13 and create incredible apps that meet the latest technology for web-based development. At last, if you want to get additional training in new versions of angular, then enroll in AngularJS Training in Coimbatore with certification.

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