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Key Features of Selenium Webdriver-4


This blog explains the key features of selenium webdriver-4, in-depth updates, and how test engineers will profit from them.

Selenium has been the most popular toolset for automated cross-browser testing of online applications. Since then, Selenium 4 has gained much popularity for its updated features and functionalities.

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What’s new in Selenium WebDriver 4?

The full W3C compliance of the WebDriver APIs is a substantial change for WebDriver behind the hood. With this standardisation, communication between browsers and test scripts will no longer need encoding and decoding API calls using the JSON wire protocol as it did in Selenium 3 and older versions. The WebDriver will directly engage with the target browser as a result.

Key Features of Selenium 4

1. Enhanced Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid’s earlier iteration had a hard setup process and rigid scaling.

Docker support is included with the new Selenium Grid. This will make it possible for programmers or testers to launch containers rather than cumbersome virtual machines. Additionally, it has been rebuilt to enable QAs to deploy the Grid on Kubernetes for improved scaling.

Setting up and starting hubs and nodes separately is no longer necessary, making managing Selenium Grid simple and easy.

Teams or lone testers can install the Grid in one of three ways:

  1. Independent mode
  2. Node and Hub
  3. Complete distribution

The Grid will now accept IPv6 addresses and can use HTTPS to communicate with the Grid, unlike earlier versions. To make the configuration files for spinning up grid instances in Grid 4 easier to comprehend by humans, TOML (Tom’s Obvious, Minimal Language) can be used to write the files.

A more user-friendly GUI is also included with the Grid in Selenium 4. Overall, the updated Selenium Grid will improve the DevOps process because it is compatible with tools like Azure, AWS, and more.

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2. Upgraded Selenium IDE

The Selenium IDE is a well-known record and playback tool used by most QA engineers. Earlier, this Selenium IDE was only a Firefox add-on. Later, when the most recent Firefox versions were released, it was declared deprecated. The Web Extension technique was used to standardise the add-ons in the most current version of Firefox.

The IDE has been reborn with Selenium 4, and now major web browsers like Firefox and Chrome may use its add-on. The Selenium IDE add-on is currently accessible through the MS shop as well.

The new Selenium 4 IDE has various standout features, including:

  • Enhanced GUI for a more user-friendly experience.
  • A SIDE tool, commonly known as the Selenium IDE runner, is also included with the new IDE. The use of a node.js platform for QAs’.side projects is permitted. Individual QAs can run cross-browser tests on local or cloud Selenium Grid thanks to this SIDE runner.
  • Better “while” and “if” conditions may be written by testers thanks to an improved control flow system.
  • If you couldn’t identify the web, the new IDE has an improved element finder approach (like a backup plan) that aids in finding a part. As a result, stable test cases will produce.
  • Java, C#, Python, Dot NET, and JavaScript are just a few languages in which they can export code for test cases captured using Selenium IDE.


So far, we have described key features of selenium webdriver-4 with a brief explanation. Selenium testing might be a fantastic place to start if you want to work in the field of information technology. Java and Python engineers make money on par with selenium automation testers. In addition to gaining significant work experience, this position will pay well.

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